About OAAH

OAAH is a community-based organization created to reach out to all veterans - active, reserve, and retired alike - and bridge the gap between them and their local community by promoting and hosting social events and gathering individually oriented resources to aide vets and their families. This helps to build a life inside and outside the military, and builds a link between the community at large and the veterans and their families to create a lasting, beneficial, symbiotic relationship.


Our local veterans have been through the military and now are members along with their families in our community. Promoting what resources are available and linking the families with the resources that best fit their need or want.

Social Events

No veteran should feel alone in a community that supports them and their families. Promoting social events in the community that OAAH and also the community host is key to letting the families know what is taking place near them. This allows their families to get out in the community and build relationships in where they live.


Veterans have been exposed to being their and helping one another during their time in the military. Once getting out the need to service still exist in them. OAAH is going to be allowing the community and veterans to see what ways there are to get involved in the community.

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Getting involved


Supporting our vets

Veterans and their families are our focus. During a veteran's process of readjusting into a community we will help by providing information about and encouraging use of local services and available resources in the community. By educating our community we are able to reach out to community members who have served, their families, and also others in the local community.

Our outreach is accomplished via hosted community events, a local physical office, the website, and word of mouth. By reaching out into the community we are able to build trust with the locals, this is allowing us to work with a veteran's family on an individual basis to find the best resources suitable to the family's needs. Once a veteran has been assisted they are encouraged to remain active in our organization, building relationships with and assisting their fellow veterans as well as continue to be an active member of the community.


Be the change for our vets

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